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Corporate management
Total course price: 11000

Management of corporations in an effective and efficient way is a growing concern of a lot of even successful corporations

Economy of scale, economy of experience, economy of knowledge, ever changing business environments and the pressure of growing competitive pressure are the drivers of SME’s to form BU’s or SBU’s and BU’s to form the corporate organizations

How corporate organizations should form and implement their strategies, how to manage their SBU’s in a proper way, how to acquire or merge, or do joint ventures, how to form their organizational structures, hunt their HR’s and develop them and how to manage their corporate finances are all the problems addressed in the American college of management corporate management program

If your vision is to be an efficient and effective corporate manager don’t hesitate to start corporate management program on American college of management

The courses and workshops you could have in this program are as follows, you may take the entire program as we advise, or take individual courses you prefer: