Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring

The traditional ways of teaching and instructing, just convey the knowledge in their best, but not the skills and attitudes, what is needed now for leaders/managers is not just knowledge, it is competency, which is defined as a function of knowledge, skills/behavior, and attitudes.

For developing all knowledge, skills, and attitudes instead of the old fashioned instruction, new ways of facilitations are used like coaching & mentoring.

In simple words; what makes you great leaders, managers, strategists, etc. is not just studying books, you will need great coaches, mentors to become a leader, a manager, a strategist, etc.

Coaching & mentoring programs of the American College of Management are exclusively designed to advance the competencies of participants

If you are really keen to turn yourself to a leader, strategist, etc. don’t hesitate to apply for our coaching, mentoring programs

Our coaching programs include:

  • Leadership coaching, mentoring
  • Strategist coaching, mentoring
  • Marketer coaching, mentoring
  • Corporate manager coaching, mentoring
  • HR manager coaching, mentoring
  • Operation Manager coaching, mentoring
  • Project Manager coaching, mentoring