Management Consulting

Management Consulting

American College of Management Consulting department is a knowledge-based management solutions firm, which provides solutions for different management purposes in fields of Consulting, Training & Development, and Regional & Global Alliances & Partnerships, and providing competent talent via Employee Resourcing for the leading companies all around the world.  We provide management consulting for organizations both in public and business sectors to achieve their goals and solve their problems, we believe we are the right partners for the organizations in today’s ambiguous ever-changing environments to grow to the top and stay there overcoming their competitors.

Our training and development department is exactly what the organizations need to develop their human resources as a source of sustainable competitive advantage, we do not just teach but by our "competency-based HR Development" programmer facilitate, coach and mentor the HR departments to gain the behaviors and attitudes they need in action.  Business and management are getting more and more global and international, and for developing the businesses in a global way every organization needs to have the right partner everywhere to get the local competitive advantages.  The organizational structures are moving towards more flexible flat structures by lots of outsourcing, we as an international hub provide the best partners for organizations for all kinds of work-related issues.

Getting the best talents from the organization's point of view and getting the proper job from the job seekers point of view are getting more and more complicated, we help the organizations to get the best talents and the job seekers to get the career they like.

Our consulting team has consisted of a group of well-educated people in the best top-ranking business schools and highly experienced in consulting and management in different industries. The leading brand was chosen by all leading organizations in the world, equivalent to customers.

      Organizational Development

If you want your company to be an enterprise-wide coordinated, agile, flexible, and ready to face the future, our organization development package is exactly what you need.  We are your best consulting partner if you committed to achieve and sustain your full potential. We help companies achieve their full potential in a variety of ways. We offer two packages to meet our clients’ needs, our integrated model of solutions includes:

I.   Our full development package
II.  Specialized packages on the client’s needs

    The ACM Full Development Package
The integrated full package is a holistic package for your company's development, agility, excellence, profitability, and flexibility. The package includes:

  •  Organizational Assessment
  •  Strategic planning 
          Business Unit   
          Functional Strategies
    •     Operations      
    •     Marketing
    •     Finance
    •     HRM & Organization Architecture
    •     PPM (Project, Program, Portfolio Management)

              Organizational Assessment:

Organizational are organic systems like the human body, any approaches to the development should start from a wide, accurate and detailed diagnosis of this system, we scourge organizations both in their holistic and partial performance to get a real illustration of the strength and weakness.

              Strategic planning:

Strategy for us is not just a plan, it covers all the areas your company needs to get armed with, to compete efficiently and effectively in all fronts the competitions, we synthesize all of the approaches to the strategy and tailor it exactly for your particular needs.

Our strategy consulting expertise includes three levels:

  •    -Corporation Strategy
  •    -SBU Strategy
  •    -Functional Strategy

     Corporation Strategy:

  • What business(es) are you in? What business(es) should you be in? And what portion of your total resources should you devote to each of these businesses to achieve the organization’s overall goals and objectives? 
  • Our team of experts on corporate strategy will help you to coordinate the activities of multiple business units and, in the case of conglomerates, even separate legal business entities.
  • Make the right decisions about the organization's scope and resource deployments across its divisions or businesses.

         SBU Strategy:

How your business must compete within its industry?
What distinctive competencies can give your business unit a competitive advantage?
Which of those competencies best matches the needs and wants of customers in your business's target segment(s)?
Our team of experts on business unit strategy will help you in planning for all these critical areas of your business unit

        Functional Strategy:

We look at the functional strategies as the four wheels of the care system of the company, if they don't work properly and smoothly the main stratifies of the company will not achieve their goals. We look at them as main points for implementing Corporate and SBU strategies the functional strategies in our model include:

  • - Operations Strategy
  • - Marketing Strategy
  •  -Financial Strategy
  • - HRM Strategy


Operations are the blood vessels of your enterprise our expertise will help the blood to flow as smoothly and rapidly as possible, our operations services include a wide variety of issues including:

  •    -SCM (Supply Chain Management)
  •    -Production
  •    -Sales
  •    -Business Models & Systems
  •    -MIS (Management Information Systems)
  •    -ERP
  •    -Project Management


Whatever you do in your organization is a cost center expense until you sell something and gain profits, if you are going to gain and sustain valued lifelong customers, know your customer's behavior, depict a market plan, segment and target your customers by taking the right marketing strategies and take the right actions, our marketing consultants are exactly what you need.


What is the interest of your company's shareholders and how the capital move forward?
How you are going to get the funds needed and how are you going to employ those funds efficiently and effectively?
Our team of financial experts is ready to help you to plan and get the best strategic financial results.


Human resources are the main resources that could provide you a sustainable competitive advantage.
All strategic approaches emphasize the role of competent, capable HR in the development and implementation of strategies from one or another point of view.
Our experienced HRM team comes highly recommended offering the full range of recruitment, human resources (HR), and training services to support your business. Their cost-effective human resource management solutions are designed to add value to your business operations.

          PPM (Project, Program & Portfolio Management)

Either you are a project-based or non-project based company, you face a variety of projects in your organization every single day.
One of the tools for developing your organization to more agile ones is to make it a "Project-Based Organization".
Our PPM solutions help you to achieve the results of your projects on time and manage risks or problems it faces.
We assess your projects Health by our assessment centers and give your proper cures wherever it needed.


                Alliances & Partnerships

In the vague, ever-changing environment of the business, the successful ones are the most flexible ones. We provide the right partners in the right places for you to joint or outsource your activities to gain a proper competitive advantage over your competitors.

                 Employee Resourcing

Getting the best talents from the organization's point of view and getting the proper job from the job seekers point of view are getting more and more complicated, we help the organizations to get the best talents and the job seekers to get their most desired jobs.