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The aim of this syllabus is to inform the candidates about the courses they need to undergo in order to bring their knowledge of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE up to the standards needed to be able to attend BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT courses at the American College of Management.  Candidates whose native tongue is not English naturally have different levels of English knowledge which is not necessarily adequate for attending courses at the college, hence they need to be screened and filtered to attend different preparatory courses in English for business and management.  The following is the procedure the candidates will follow to be placed in language courses.

  1. Candidates will sit for an internationally recognized placement test.
  2. They will be placed at different levels according to their competence in English.
  3. The recommended test for this stage is OXFORD PLACEMENT TEST.

The courses are as follows:

MARKET LEADER series is comprised of Elementary level, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, and Advanced levels.

This course is ML 303 A - three units of the INTERMEDIATE book with its paraphernalia. (Units 1-3).

Candidates at the end of the Intermediate level are introduced to the International BEC exam to sit for BEC PRELIMINARY by the UNIVERSITY of CAMBRIDGE.

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