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Project Management
Total course price: 14500

Not only in its hard form in project based organizations of a variety of fields and industries as construction projects, every new engagement in managing is in need of soft form of project management

Nowadays even the big corporations for improving their agility try to use different forms of project management instead of their routine processes of tasks and activities

Project management is getting more and more important in its soft forms particularly in leadership, strategic management, change management etc. or anything in which making ideas to work in reality is needed

The project management program of the American college of management with a competency based approach not only gives the managers what they have to know about the project management but also develops them to get the skills, behaviors and attitudes of an effective and efficient project manager in the real fields of management

If your vision is to be a leader, a strategist, a successful change manager or a construction manager or as the name a project manager etc. don’t hesitate to register in the project management program of the American college of management

The courses and workshops you could have in this program are as follows, you may take the entire program as we advise, or take individual courses you prefer :