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Total course price: 2000

This course will teach students revenue enhancing techniques; so they can earn more no matter what profession currently pursuing. Here we will challenge the conventional wisdom that working hard and saving every penny will get you to the riches. Perhaps ,  hard work and frugality has it place in achieving success, but it is not the whole thing;

Course will take the position that todays Financial Advisor and Pundit are not addressing the issue of income and  life long earning potential when giving money advise.

I have heard them tell their Audience to save money, become debt  free, invest in this instrument not that one. These all are sound advise,  but they are incomplete; these measures ignore the revenue side of the equations– the revenue. Most people do not earn enough  money to save and invest; they are trying to get by day after day; so I believe it is empty rhetoric these words of advise from the pundits; we teach students how to earn more and consume proportionaly;

Here we emphasize the value of learning and growing. This course will look at the lives and beliefs of some of the riches people in plant by doing so the course will study some of the history of entrepreneurship

 finally the course will teach the difference between Arithmetical Progressions verses Geometrical Progression to demonstrate impact of adding value to your given daily Hours.

In the word of Henry Ford: “Do not listen to the conventional wisdom that tells you to save every penny… No invest in yourself! I did not have a penny till I was 40 years old”