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CFA Test Coaching
Total course price: 13000

The ACM CFA test coaching program is a coaching, mentoring, and knowledge management system. It simply consults and provides fundamental knowledge to the students in their journey of earning the designation or enhancing their current position.  We are especially providers of the knowledge, techniques, and wisdom that are required to not only pass the CFA Exam ( given the students are qualified to take the exam as it is outlined by the CFA Institute), also practice as a Highly knowledgeable financial professional. 

As a knowledge base institution, our focus is to provide knowledge through accepted and proven course work. How this knowledge is used depends on individual students’ goals and their corresponding needs; some want to continue their current profession and add knowledge to their repertoire of expertise. Others perhaps want to continue and pass the CFA exam.

Mentoring facet of our program will bring together fellow students and instructors alike; it is designed to encourage in times doubt and offer support through sharing of their experience. Our mentoring program also bring in industry leaders to share their perspective and their experience Additionally, there is a series of exam-taking strategies and techniques that will be shared with our students across the board; these techniques are transferable skills that students can use for rest of their lives any time they are taking an exam.